Futures & Options Trading and Education


Self-Directed Accounts (Online Trading)

If you require no professional assistance and/or trading advice, and would like to place your trades online directly to the exchange, you may open a Self-Directed Online Trading Account. You have access to Top-Ranked Trading Platforms and will enjoy Discounted Commission Rates for futures and options traded on U.S. Exchanges.

Benefits of Commodity Trading with FFG

  • Trade ALL U.S. Pit & Electronic Markets
  • $2.98 FLAT/$8.98 FLAT per-side Discount Commission Rates
    (online E-mini & mini-sized contracts)
    • NOT an Introductory Rate!
    • Same Rates for Futures & Options
    • Exchange & Clearing Fees Included
    • No Trade-Size or Volume Quotas
  • Back-Up Order Desk
  • Professional Help Desk
  • Online Order Entry Direct to the Exchange
  • Rapid trade execution and fills
  • Exchange minimum margins*
  • Reduced margins (Day Traders)*
  • Online Statement Access
  • Real-Time Quotes
  • Customizable Charts with Studies
  • Monitor Account Status
  • Monitor Order Status
  • Self-Directed IRAs Accepted
  • Transfers Welcome
  • Friendly, Courteous Service

*margins subject to change without notice


If you would like to speak with an FFG Account Representative, please contact us at 1-800-800-6304.